Half a Loaf of Bread is Better than No Loaf at All

There are a number of metaphors that support the strategy of starting small as an approach to landing big projects. This video by Jill Konrath, best selling business author, reinforces this approach to reducing your prospective clients’ risk of engaging … Continue reading

Consultant Success Attributes

A respected colleague of mine, Tammy Kohl of Resource Associates Corp., recently posted The Five Characteristics of Successful Consultants Confidence Flexibility Honesty Good Communication Skills Self Discipline. I recommend that you read Tammy’s post. Then, ask yourself these questions for … Continue reading

Become A Witness For Those You Know, Like and Trust

Chad Coe of Coe Financial Group on WGN

Zig Ziglar, the accomplished sales trainer, motivational speaker and author, gave us this timeless, inspirational quote: “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people to get what they want!” While there are countless … Continue reading

Are You Wired to be a Consultant?

Being an independent consultant is not for everyone. What are the top skills, drivers, and behaviors needed to succeed? Our research identifies The 12 Key Attributes of Successful Independent Consultants.

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What Do You Do?

Open Door to the World

When asked “What do you do?” – What do you say? Does your answer inspire interest and added discussion?  Or is it a show stopper?  If you say something like: “I’m a ______ consultant”, you’re leaving potential money on the … Continue reading

Location + Synergy = Success

We’ve all heard the three key elements of real estate value: location, location and location. My new location on Lake-Cook Road in Deerfield is close to I-294 and the Metra rail line for an easy ride to the Loop. We … Continue reading

Welcome to Consultant Boot Camp Blog!

Every journey begins with one small step.  This initial post is that small step in creating a forum for sharing potential nuggets that contribute to building to a successful consulting practice. I invite you to subscribe via email or RSS … Continue reading